Privet Pilots Licence

Over the years I have enjoyed learning about aviation and air crafts. My parents has seen that my interest had grown over the past few years of my life. As I shared with them my goal in life was to became a pilot for the air force they started looking into a few things. To make sure that this was the path I was sure to follow they got me a flight lesson at Crest Airpark with a pilot named Paul Hooter. Here is a picture of the Airpark.


He shared how he got started in the field of aviation, it was exciting to hear that he started at a young age as well. He let me take off the plane, fly the plane, and land it! Learning valuable information alone the way such as how to level the plane and make turns based on the roads underneath me. The featured image above is the plane I flew, Cessna 170, and down bellow is me just before take off. This experience sparked my interest even more.



A friend of my dads saw that I was interested in flying and gave us information of a scholarship opportunity for me. AOPA is offering 20 $5,000 scholarship to receive your privet pilots licence, if I got the scholarship this year I could end up getting it by the age of 17. Looking at this one scholarship directed me to more I didn’t even know existed. So for the next few weeks I’m busy in thought for the essays I need to write that are required for the applications.


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